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A Message from Dr. Kevin Cuevas, M.D.

Dear Patients and Colleagues,

Since forming Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology in 2001, I have been focused on providing our patients with uncompromising care and an unparalleled patient experience and satisfaction. I have also taken very seriously my partnership with the entire optometric community and aspired to provide the very best communication while developing our practice to meet the medical and surgical eye care needs of the community at large.

In addition to my regular schedule of cataract surgery, we have become increasingly busy with glaucoma, cornea, oculoplastics, and refractive surgical patients. As I look to the future eye care needs with accelerating patient demands across a wider spectrum of ophthalmology, my hope is to create a stronger platform for a full spectrum of medical and surgical eye care needs.

In this spirit, we will be welcoming more Ophthalmology leaders to the practice, including Jack Zamora, MD and Ashley Sturdy, MD. I have known Jack for years, and I know you will find Jack to be an excellent resource for both oculoplastics and cataract surgery. Ashley Sturdy, MD will be providing medical retina care for our patients. She has recently completed a Fellowship in Ocular Immunology and Uveitis at Johns Hopkins University/Wilmer Eye Institute. Combined, we are forming a team that will provide extraordinary patient care.

I am also proud to announce that we have recently formed a collaborative partnership with ICON’s Surgical Eye Care division. This is a very exciting and promising relationship that will bring together multidisciplinary ophthalmology leaders, state-of-the art facilities and the most advanced technology to reduce patient visual disability. I believe this collaboration will create a “Center of Excellence” model in Colorado that is second to none.

As a corporation, ICON is committed to building state-of-the-art Medicare certified ambulatory surgery centers in key locations throughout Colorado. Jack Zamora, MD and I have been asked to oversee the development of these centers, including a brand new facility in south Denver, a new center in Grand Junction, and other locations that are in various phases of development. Each of these centers will have the most advanced technology available and serve the needs of all patients through co-managing optometrists and other referring providers.

This partnership with ICON will result in the following enhancements to Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology including, Femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery, Excimer laser for LASIK/PRK, and a new post-op suite at the Red Rocks Medical Center location.

As my valued patients and ophthalmology partners, it is important to note that all of these enhancements to the Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology platform have been implemented to ultimately better serve patient needs. We are going to great lengths and investing significant resources to strengthen our service to you in the future and look forward to sharing our center of excellence with you. If you have any suggestions as to how we can better serve our patients and/or your needs, please contact us directly.

Truly yours,

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Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology adds Catalys Laser for More Precise Results

The Catalys Precision Femtosecond Laser allows our surgeons to perform laser cataract surgery with more precise, automated analysis. This translates to more life-changing results for our patients.

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Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology adds Catalys Laser for More Precise Results